Cryptozoology Designer TOOB (Safari Ltd.)

4.8 (4 votes)

Review and images by Saarlooswolfhound; edited by bmathison1972

This article marks my first multiple model (Safari Ltd. TOOB) production! Presented here are 14 figures, 7 original pieces and 7 later re-released with updated paintwork. The Cryptozoology Designer TOOB by Safari Ltd. #677504 was originally released in 2013 with simplistic paintwork, then re-released a few years after retirement with much improved paint schemes for most of the figures.

American Spotted Donkey (Farm World by Schleich)

5 (2 votes)

Before I start this review, I would again like to thank the folks at Happy Hen Toys who donated this review sample. Domestic equids are not a focus of mine. I have a few, mostly ancient or feral, horse breeds, and one each mule (Safari Ltd.) and donkey (CollectA).

Manta Ray (Monterey Bay Aquarium Collection by Safari Ltd.)

5 (3 votes)

Review and images by JimoAi; edited by bmathison1972

Make no surprise there have already been multiple manta ray figures reviewed on this blog, with 3 from the big 4 already being tackled: CollectA, Papo, and Schleich. It is not surprising, as there is no shortage of manta ray figures, with a number of good and incredible figures in many different sizes: from tube-sized to standard-sized figures, across both the reef and oceanic mantas.

Frogfish (Incredible Creatures by Safari Ltd.)

5 (7 votes)

With its stout body, limb-like fins, large head, and perpetual frown, it is easy to see how the frogfish got its name. Frogfishes are members of the anglerfish family, Antennariidae. There are about 50 species of them, and they can be found in almost all tropical and subtropical waters around the world where they inhabit coral reefs and rocky habitats.

Bat Ray (Venomous Creatures TOOB by Safari Ltd.)

4 (5 votes)

Review and images by JimoAi; edited by bmathison1972

Disclaimer: I’ll be covering Version 2 of the Safari Ltd. Venomous Creatures TOOB bat ray, as it is the only figure I have from the TOOB and rays are my specialty when it comes to animal reviews. Also, another review would likely do a run through the entire set with the other figures.

Honeypot Ant (Little Wonders by CollectA)

4.5 (4 votes)

The term ‘honeypot’ ant is a common name given to multiple genera of ants that are best known for the replete, or plerergate, members of their caste system. Repletes are sterile works that serve as food reserves for when other food sources are scarce. The repletes hang from the ‘ceiling’ in special chambers of the nest and are gorged with food to the point their abdomens become greatly distended with honey.

African Elephant, 2021 (Wildlife by Mojö Fun)

5 (3 votes)

Review and images by Kikimalou; edited by bmathison1972

Today we’ll be looking at the 2021 African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana) by Mojö Fun. This is the first African elephant by a major western company since 2017, when Papo produced one. As for Mojö Fun, their last African elephant dates back to 2015.

Axolotl (MatMire_Makes)

3 (3 votes)

Review and images by Fembrogon; edited by bmathison1972

With the onset of commercial 3D printing and a growing number of online shops and artist-friendly websites, a new world of hidden treasures and surprises has opened up for collectors and hobbyists. One such surprise I recently encountered was featured on a table at a reptile expo, where the handlers were not only selling the typical real (and rather cute) reptiles, but also a selection of equally cute articulated toys.

Leopard Shark (Marine Life by Papo)

5 (4 votes)

Review and images by JimoAi; edited by bmathison1972

Hound sharks have not been made into figures by any of the major figure companies, whether it be it by Western or Japanese companies, save for one: the leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata). It is a small- to medium-sized shark that inhabits temperate waters in the Pacific Coast of North America, primarily in kelp forests and reefs.

Genets, Civets, and Mongoose (Play Visions)

4.7 (3 votes)

Review and images by Birdsage; edited by bmathison1972

Here’s my review of one of the most interesting sets from Play Visions’ Habitat: Earth line of animal figures: the “Civets, Genets & Mongoose” collection from 1998. All of these tube-sized models are between 6.5-8.5 cm (~2.5-3.5 in) long and are marked with a number from 1 to 8, ©, PV, 1998, CHINA, and the name of the figure.

Chameleon (Wild Life Africa by Schleich)

4.4 (5 votes)

Review and images by Suspsy; edited by bmathison1972

Chameleons are a wondrous family of lizards famous for their colour-changing abilities, independently moving eyes, and lightning fast tongues. They are found throughout all of Africa and Madagascar, and range all the way into the Middle East, southern India, and parts of southern Europe.

Blue Poison Dart Frog (Wild Life America by Schleich)

5 (5 votes)

Before we begin the review, I would like to extend my gratitude towards Happy Hen Toys for sending this figure along as a review sample. Happy Hen Toys is a U.S. distributor of figures by Safari, Papo, CollectA, Schleich, and other companies significant to our hobby. In the case of CollectA they’re often the only place that sells their products at a reasonable price within the United States.

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