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Are you a collector, enthusiast, or admirer of animal toys, models, and replicas? If so, we would love to have you contribute to our blog!

We accept a variety of reviews, but we do ask that the animal be an extant or recently extinct animal (for prehistoric animals, please visit the sister site, the Dinosaur Toy Blog) and an actual animal (please, no fictional or fantasy creatures).

Animals may be:

  • Older vintage figures or newer models
  • Simple in design or color or very realistically detailed
  • Basic toys to collectible models
  • Individual items, kits, or small bag/box/tube sets
  • Plastic, rubber, resin, polystone, metal, plush, or made of other material; ceramic and porcelain figurines also welcome
  • radio-control/RC or wind-up toys
  • Wild animals or domestic breeds

If you decide to submit to the Animal Toy Blog, reviews can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. Some of us authors like to get wordy, but you can provide as little or as much information as you wish. Some basic information about the figure and the company that produced it should be provided. Other helpful information you may include, but is not required:

  • Manufacturer and series
  • Year of release (if known) and if it is still available (if known); if retired, do you know when?
  • Brief introduction to the species, such as geographic distribution and maybe some interesting biological notes
  • If a domestic breed, where did it originate and what was it originally bred for
  • Size and scale (if you supply measurements, blog editors can calculate scale)
  • What is it made of (if not plastic)
  • Is it a single piece or does it have to be assembled
  • Is it on a base? And, if so, can it be removed?
  • How does it compare to other figures of the same species (or is it unique)
  • Who is the figure marketed for (is it a child’s toy or a collector’s model)

Also, please supply a name or handle you want to be credited with (for example, if you are active on any of the various animal toy forums, your forum handle)

When you are ready to submit, please send text and images to [email protected]

Please make sure to visit the Contents Page to see what has already been reviewed and the current Review Schedule for figures which have been claimed for review by other authors. Thanks!

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