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Paper Kite (Yujin - Insects of Japan)

Started by brontodocus, April 09, 2013, 10:57:50 PM

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Walk-around of the Yujin Insects of Japan Series 4 No. 32 Paper Kite or Large Tree Nymph, Idea leuconoe Erichson, 1834. This species is an impressively large brush-footed butterfly (Nymphalidae, since the family Danaidae is now usually sunk in Nymphalidae) from South East Asia which is frequently shown in tropical gardens and zoos. It's a close relative of the famous Monarch Butterfly, Danaus plexippus. The Yujin Insects of Japan figures are an exceptionally well-made series, even surpassing most Animatales in quality, and all figures from the series are more or less life size. This figure (at least judging from the wing dimensions the largest of them all) is no exception at approx. 120 mm wing span. The last photos show it together with its 27 mm long chrysalis which is the secret figure (No. 38) of the same series.

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Thanks, Jetoar & Ana! :) It's also not too difficult to find... By the way, I was just wondering why this walk-around doesn't show up in the Recent reviews and walk-arounds...


 :D Wow! These photos are pure pleasure!
Wonderful pics of a beautiful butterfly - thanks for showing!

I had one of these Yujin Insects sets myself and I must say I had a hard time installing the butterflies' antennas ;D.
                                                                                                            :-[ I'm not very talented.


Thanks, Helge! :) Installing the antennae sometimes requires magnifying glasses and good light, especially when it's one of those figures with a dark head, the holes in which the antennae have to be inserted are very small. I would also recommend to glue them on with epoxy, otherwise they may fall off easily. Assembling the four wings together and putting the resulting peg into the thorax can be tricky, too.


Yujin Paper Kite & chrysalis images are back. :)