Tiger, Male Lying (AAA)

When most think of big cats, they probably picture these powerful carnivores majestically tracking their prey in the undergrowth, or roaring to ward off other predators. At the end of the day though, they are still cats, and there is one thing that makes them very good at: sleeping. The mighty tiger (Panthera tigris) is no exception, happy to lounge around when not hunting. Not many companies show this side of them, with this one being one of the exceptions. Let’s see how AAA did…..

Trying to deduce the subspecies of any model by AAA is hard, especially with the big cats, so we shall over look this part with him. And yes, this model is very clearly a male, with genitals sculpted at the back (though reasonably discreet, all things considered). The colour scheme is spot on for a tiger, though the underside is flat and white, better for flat surfaces, but doesn’t look good looking from the underside. The paint is well applied, only a little wear and tear, despite twenty years of ownership by me.

As with many AAA models, this is a pretty sizeable cat, measuring 2.9″ high and 8.9″ long, good to portray the size of the largest of the cats, but unlikely to scale to many lines. It is a fairly relaxed pose, though slightly angry face, perhaps copied from a museum specimen. Or maybe it’s nap was disturbed, who knows.

There have certainly been better tigers made since this was retired, but still decently detailed and well painted. It feels better for the playground then a collectors shelf, though a few collectors may appreciate the different pose it offers. EBay is your best bet for it, and I feel kids will love it. Happy hunting.

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