Pronghorn, buck (Wild Safari North American Wildlife by Safari Ltd.)

Parallel evolution has produced some interesting creatures. Antelopes in the “Old World” mix speed and antlers in order to keep themselves safe, and this combination can be seen in the pronghorns (Antilocapra americana). An impressive set of antlers is matched with an even more incredible land speed, keeping them safe from predators, ancient and modern. There aren’t many models of this species, but they are out there, like this example by Safari Ltd.

The pelt seems darker than in the actual animal, or at least darker than is commonly seen. Perhaps a preparation for winter months. The actual pattern is very accurate however, just a tad dark. The horns seem a little further splayed than normally seen too, but they are otherwise the correct shape, and the whole model is well sculpted, as would be expected from Safari Ltd.

The pose is quite alert, stock still, looking out over the plains, perhaps watching it’s herd, maybe having heard a potential predator. Looks rather majestic. It is a mid sized figure, measuring 3.9″ high and 3.7″ from tail to nose, making it not too far off the size of the Mojo version.

There aren’t a lot of options for pronghorns sadly, and this is a very good version, as to be expected from a major toy company. It may not have the on point colour or horns of the Mojo version, but the sculpting is very good here. It can be hard to find, so eBay may be the best to find it. If you want a pronghorn, this will do well.

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