Shire Stallion (Early Learning Centre)

When it comes to animals known for being strong work animals, helping humans pull heavy equipment and working in fields, it is the horse (Equus ferus caballus). The largest and strongest breed of these is the Shire horse, a breed that holds the title of largest and tallest horse, the biggest on record being over seven foot tall. These draught horses have a long history, so it is fitting there are several figures of them. Here is a magnificent stallion, courtesy of the Early Learning Centre.

This is a rather powerful looking individual, well muscled as these horses are. The details are certainly there (by details, I mean genitals). The colouration is a little off. Possibly meant to be a roan or darker brown, but it is undeniably red, a little more than it should be. It does have the fur around the feet, white in colour, as is seen in some example of this horse. Looks great.

The pose is a great stride, tail waving. Perhaps it is pulling something, or just calmly wondering around in a field, it’s up to you. It is a reasonably large figure, measuring 5.8″ long and 4″ high, better for larger sized figure lines. Rough play with this will start to flake with time, but that is more due to rough play over the years than an issue with the figure.

This is a notably older model, and better ones have been produced, but will look great none the less, great with the mare that accompanies it in the line. The details, like fur and musculature, work phenomenally. It is discontinued, so eBay is your best hunting ground for this one. And I do recommend it, despite the flaws. I loved him as a kid, and I still find him charming now.

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