Alaskan King Crab (Sealife by CollectA)

Walkaround of the Alaskan king crab, also known as the red king crab or Kamchatka crab, Paralithodes camtschaticus (Tilesius, 1815), by CollectA Sealife Collection, released in 2019. This figure is one of a couple firsts. It is the FIRST crustacean by CollectA. It is the FIRST arthropod by a Western company’s ‘Sealife’ line (not counting Incredible Creatures crustaceans by Safari LTD). It is only the second by a non-Japanese company, the other being a scientifically-inaccurate figure by Play Visions in the mid-late 1990s. This was a bold move by CollectA and per usual, they delivered big time.

This figure is fantastic and easily rivals the Yujin figure. The detail is stunning, from the plates on the body to the texture on the exoskeleton. The mouthparts are soft and flexible, but the rest of the figure is a hard, sturdy, high-quality plastic we come to expect from CollectA.

The figure is big, probably bigger than some of you expected. The carapace length is 3.5 cm, making the figure 1:2-1:6.2 on average. The maximum dimensions of the leg-span are 12.5 cm wide by 10.0 cm long, so it takes up a bit of space if displayed flat. It is still significantly smaller than a Safari IC crustacean.

Overall this is an exciting, bold move for CollectA. Keep ’em coming!

The CollectA figure is the ‘king’ of the king crab collection, with others by Epoch, Kaiyodo (x2), Yujin, and Play Visions

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