White-tailed Deer, doe (Terra North American Animals by Battat)

Intraspecific competition has resulted in a variety of species evolving phenomenal anatomical features in order to sort the adults from the juveniles (so to speak). This results in many examples of male creatures being put into toy production, owing to amazing plumage or impressive antlers or horns. This does, however, result in showing the sexual dimorphism of their female counterparts, which do not receive as much attention in figure form. Some lines, such as here with Battat, look to fix that as they present us with this: a doe. A deer. A female deer (sorry, had to get it out of my system!).

This figure was released as part of their North American Animal set, so, although no specific species is listed for it, it can be matched to the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), owing to the brown top of the head and a tail that is short, but not quite to the extent of other deer species. The fade into different shades of brown is there, but not to the amount seen in the real animal, but it does feature the white underbelly you’d expect from this species.

The pose is quite alert, as if scanning around for potential predators on the prowl, front left leg raised, ready to run if need be. It’s a relatively large figure, measuring 4.2″ long and 4.5″ high. I actually use it as a female for Megaloceros owing to its size. The plastic used does allow for a great texture to show fur, but still feels quite cheap, resulting in an oddly shiny finish. It doesn’t look terrible, but would be better if they used higher quality materials to make it.

While I have a few quality issues, this is not a terrible figure, and the fact it tends to be quite reasonably priced (at least it was when I bought it) means it will stand as a great example of a doe in most collections, able to match several deer species in the right hands. While I won’t say this is a must have, I will say that it is worth considering.

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