Boar (Early Learning Centre)

When you think of domesticated farm animals, one of the first to be thought of is the pig (Sus scrofa domesticus), the delightful omnivore of the farm. There is something quite charming about the pig, maybe because it eats anything like we seem to, hence the expression “as greedy as a pig” (yes, that is from “Snatch”). Naturally, many figures have been made of domestic breeds of pig, such as this one, made by the Early Learning Centre (ELC).

The specific breed here is a Large White, a common breed for meat production. The colour, an all over light pink, points to that breed. This one is a male, which is VERY clear when you look at the underside. The pose is ok, looking up at something quizzically (or possibly worried, given it’s erect ears). Nice enough.

This is an older figure now, so while the sculpting is ok, it has flaws. The attempts to have hairs on it (at least, I assume that’s the idea), that are just grooves in the figure, not really used effectively. The neck is off too, a little lower than it should be. Though pigs have raised neural spines to an extent, it is not this much. The hooves are well done though, and the head is quite cheery.

As an older figure, this is not the best, but it is decent. Issues are there, but it has nice parts, and, as you can tell by the marks on my model, it can last through a childhood of a kid. It appears on eBay reasonably cheap, so if you like it, consider picking it up.

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