Golden-ringed Dragonfly (The Insects of Japan Vols. 1 and 3 by Yujin)

The Golden-ringed dragonfly (in Japanese Oniyanma) Anotogaster sieboldii is the biggest dragonfly in Japan. It is also known as jumbo dragonfly or Siebold’s dragonfly. It is the largest species of dragonfly in Eastern Asia (Japan, China and the Korean Peninsula). It can reach a lenght of 100 mm. The A. sieboldii nymph lives three to five years, moulting up to ten times and growing as long as five centimeters during the process. 

Female, male (flying) and nymph.

There are three figurines made of this species by Yujin. An adult female (imago) was released in ‘The Insects of Japan in colour’ Series 1 (2005). The renewed female and male imago’s were released in the renewed and revised Series 1 (2006). The nymph of the same species was released as a “secret” in Series 3 (2007). They are like all Yujin Insects of Japan figurines scale 1:1.

Booklets of the two adult Dragonflies.

The detail in these three figurines is great and the colouring is very good. The female shown in the pic’s is the revised and renewed version. They released series 1 two times and all insects in this series have an updated, refined model or even a colour morph in the revised and renewed version. The first released female had no translucent eyes but black eyes with metalic green painted on. Personaly I really like it that they made a female, male and a nymph of the same species. Almost a lifecycle set. The male is in flying position with his legs folded underneath his body It fits on a simple clear transparant rod on atransparant base. The female is in resting position, standing on her legs. There is very good detail like the wings of the female having a subtile golden yellow sheen. The nymph has a very nice base from which it can be detached easely.

The female Golden-ringed dragonfly (Anotogaster sieboldii)

The male Golden-ringed dragonfly (Anotogaster sieboldii)

The end of the tails male and female.

The Golden-ringed dragonfly nymph (Anotogaster sieboldii)

Painted mud traces on the figurine makes it very realistic.
Even good detail on the ventral side.
The labial “mask” is sculpted in detail.
The base, a muddy surface with a little branch.

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