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Collector of in my pocket toys and sealife creatures :)

Started by mermaidgrey, March 24, 2014, 07:31:46 PM

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Hello :) I am new here and I joined in the hope of finding people who also collect the new style in my pocket toys, but I am also a fan of other animal toys and look forward to joining in discussions about them and discovering new toys. I particularly like those goodie packs of sea life creatures you often find at aquariums, zoos etc. I have lots of these and am sure I will post pictures soon, but here are some in my pocket's for now. (I did a full post on them in the collections thread, if anyone wants to see.)

I have been collecting all sorts of small plastic animals since I was little, so when I find them all (moving house several times has really confused all my belongings!) I will post pictures :) Amongst those missing, I have a large collection of the original puppy in my pocket toys from the 90's so I hope they turn up!

Does anybody else collect these same things? :)
Aside from toy animals I am also interested in dolls, particularly monster high, my scene and barbie. I especially enjoy customising them :)


Hi and welcome, mermaidgrey! :) I never even knew these "in my pocket" animals, I guess they are by the same company that made "monsters in my pocket"? The marine animals are super cute! :D


Welcome to the forum!  :) Those sea creatures are adorable  :))


You are welcome to ATF new friend. Lovelyan cute figures  ^-^.
My website: Paleo-Creatures
My website's facebook: Paleo-Creatures


Hello everyone :) Thank you for the welcome. I am glad you like my sea creatures in particular :) The octopus is one of my favourites (even if it only has 4 legs!) Yes, they are made by MEG who also made monster in my pocket and the old style puppy in my pocket, like the one in my icon. They do lots of different series. Here is the website if anyone would like to see: