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Animal groups category - feedback

Started by AnimalToyForum, December 19, 2012, 11:58:44 AM

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As a general thought as the forum expands, I think it might be best if we focus threads in the animal groups category on quite specific groups, maybe as specific as the Family level when the number of toys warrant it. That way people will be able to find what they are looking more easily, and the forum will have a more easily navigable structure. Thoughts on this are most welcome!

Edit - In particular, I'm thinking of birds, fish, and insects.  :-\


Well, I think since the forum is still new, threads are easy to find. And the way threads in this category were started seems appropriate for the moment. But I agree, that may become very different in the future. And depending on which group it is, sometimes even being more specific than family level could be the best - luckily we already have a thread for antelopes and not one where all bovids are in one thread that may eventually become too huge to handle. In other cases it's not easy to decide for a thread starter how specific to be. I think that sbell made a good choice with the "Fish with History" thread since we easily got a good and informative thread with many contributions while the forum is still young. Later it may be better to have it splitted, yes. On the other hand, if he had just started a thread on e.g. gar fish there would be fewer people who could contribute something right from the beginning. So I think there may be a time for more generalised threads and there may be a time to split them up. (Hey, doesn't that sound a bit like evolutionary diversification? ;D) But of course, threads like "Marine Life" which we had on DTF v.1 would make no sense here. When I started the Beetles thread I already thought about that a more general thread for insects would become problematic, soon.


Thanks Andre, You are right, we are being pretty selective already, actually. I suppose it is something we can judge on a case by case basis. I only bring it up because when threads get long and complicated, it is dificult, if not impossible, to split them later. So if it seems a thread has bitten off more than it can chew, we should split them sooner rather than later, or keep threads tightly focused in the first place. Of course, we can always have new threads for specific taxonomic groups that may already have been featured, in passing, in a thread dedicated to a higher taxonomic group elsewhere. So there's always a simple solution. As long as the section is functional, I don't mind 8)