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Eagles Days

Started by Takama, January 20, 2014, 01:10:47 AM

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Every year in januray, Bald Eagles flock to my home state of Iowa to nest. and as a celebration, the city of Keokuk hosts an event disighned to educate the people about birds of prey, and have living birds on display.   

I just got back from them today, and I thought I share images of the birds.

The First one shown was this Vulture.

Second one was this Eagle. At first glance, you would think its a Golden one, buts it is in fact an African Tawny Eagle.

He was not to happy to be here unfortunately, because as he waited to be shown, he had his back turned towards the audience.

When he was broght up, he acted alright for a few photos

But then he tried to fly away, but he was on a leash.  Don't worry, the staff said that these birds were born and raised in captivity for shows like this. and the eagle was alright

The third one is my favorite one, The Barn Owl. By the way, he kept Screeching throughout the entire show

The Fourth one is the star attraction of the whole event. the Baled Eagle.

The Whole Line up

There was one more bird at the Event. it was a White necked Raven. But I only got one Photo, and it is not that good :(

Hope you all enjoy


Thanks for sharing :) Amazing birds of prey.  8)


Wonderful birds of prey friend  ^-^.
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Wow! I wish they had something like this here. I would be all over it.
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Hey... humans... Weird animals.