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Hello, I'm Ana

Started by Ana, December 13, 2012, 10:49:00 PM

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Some of You know me from other forum perhaps :) . I collect animal figures since 2005 (mainly mammals and birds but also some reptiles), it's my hobby and craziness :) I also sculpt animal figures and I'm always interested to learn something new about animals of course :D I was reading some posts of this forum from couple of days and I already learnt about few species I didn't know before, thanks for that   ^-^


Welcome Ana! :) Although we haven't met yet in any other forum, I'm already an admirer of your wonderful sculpts, who wouldn't love your mammal figures! 8)


Welcome Ana! Of course I know you from STS 8) Great to see you here on the Animal Toy Forum too! :D 



Thank You for nice welcome everyone  :))


Hello Anna, it seems we are spending our time in the places  ;) :))


Wellcome Ana and I hope that you like the forum  ^-^
My website: Paleo-Creatures
My website's facebook: Paleo-Creatures


Haha, Kiki, that's true ;)

Thank You Jetoar, I'm sure I will like it, I already do :D


Hi Ana :D! Great to meet you here. Your sculpts are wonderful!

Will the Mojö 2013 Horses again be designed by you?
Are there plans of doing other animals for Mojö as well?


Thanks a lot! :D

For 2013 I sculpted no horses for Mojo, I did some wild animals instead (gaur, tapir, quagga and honey badgers) :)


That's what I was hoping for ... and I've already seen the Tapir. It's awesome :D and I must have it ;D!!