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Some of my customs

Started by PeGe, September 16, 2013, 06:32:41 PM

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i'd like to share some of my customs some of you might know from STS.
See my signature for further figurines.
Papo Varanus komodoensis:

Mojo Lynx pardinus:

Various parts, baseMcDonalds leopard: Neofelis nebulosa:

made in China Panthera tigris corbetti:

Bullyland  Gypaetus barbatus

Lineol Elephas maximus

and so on,.....


Wonderful customs figures friend, I like all  ^-^.
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I know them and love them!!! My favourites are elephant, tiger and Comodo dragon, you reached very natural coloration, amazing amount of hues and tones, great works  8)


Very nice work. The base McDonalds leopard looks a little worried.  ;)


Oh, how could I possibly have overlooked this... :-[

These are all great repaints, PeGe! :) It's not the first repaint of a Papo Komodo Dragon I see (I remember copper did one, too), but a very naturalistic one, nonetheless. With the Panthera tigris corbetti repaint it's sad and interesting at the same time to see a custom representing an ultra rare subspecies that's possibly even extinct in the wild. I wonder how the original paint of this "made in China" tiger looked. Often enough it's amazing to see what a good repaint can make out of a horrible original paintjob. Since I don't know the figure I'm a little curious, how bad was it? ;D
The Lineol elephant looks spectacular! :)



Great job on all! The Komodo Dragon is exceptional!
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