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Nice to meet you!

Started by eivymama2x3, August 26, 2013, 04:06:16 PM

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Hello all, so happy to be here!  I found this forum through Safari's page on Facebook.  I've loved animal toys all my life -- they were always my favorites as a child.  Now I have three little children of my own and get my toy animal fix by buying them for the's like being a kid all over again watching them drag dinosaurs and horses all over the yard.  I don't collect shelf animals much, with the exception of Breyer horses - have a large collection of those - but am always looking for animals for the kiddos.  We're homeschooling and I'm finding them to be so wonderful in our curriculum!  Looking forward to being part of the forum!


Welcome to the Animal Toy Forum! :) We are all young at heart ;)


Welcome to the forum new friend  ^-^.
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Welcome to the forum  :) The experts we are lucky to have on the forum will always comment on a figure's accuracy so you can be assured of the very best educational value  ;)


Hi eivymama2x3, welcome to the Animal Toy Forum!  :)