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Takamas sales and trades

Started by Takama, December 08, 2012, 11:40:36 PM

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Ok. My owner Takama has a bunch of stuff that he would like to get rid of.    He would like to get some money off of them. And will only trade for items made by mojo fun. And Dinosaurs

The shipping estimates are bassed on how much it would cost to ship it due to its size and Weight.

Wax aligator figure from menosota zoo.   Only avlible from menosota zoo.  $10 (shipping Estimate $3:00)

Schelich killer whale.  $15 (soon to be retired) Shipping Estimate ($7.50)

Safari spotted eagle ray.   $4 (Shipping Estimate $3.00)

Vanising Wild Lion, mild paint loss on feet. $15 (Shipping Estimate $7.50)

Safari Komodo Dragon, $3.00 (shipping Estimate $3.00)

All Prices are Flexable, so if something seems two much say so. And i will see if i can shange it.

One last thing.   My owner is unable to do buisnuss on pay-pal, so as a result, he will not be able to make transactions outside of the USA.