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jwmo's sale thread

Started by jwmo, February 28, 2013, 09:58:10 PM

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Hello all, I am jwmo on the D.T.F. by too, by the way.

Since the dinosaur-collecting thing is quickly absorbing all my resources (no more space! :D), I thought this new forum might provide a good opportunity to re-home a few modern-animal pieces I have.  All are considered in "moderately played with" condition.  More specific condition details upon request. 

+AAA Lobster
+AAA Snapping Turtle
+Black Yellow Manta Ray (no brand)
+ K&M International Spotted Ray
+AAA Sperm Whale
+Safari (1995) Hammerhead Shark
+Safari (1993) Monterey Bay Tiger Shark

Make offer: buy em' all, get em' cheap.  Flat-rate USPS for domestic buyers.  Paypal or (possibly) personal check. 


I'd be interested in the snapping turtle in future (I don't have the money right now) :)

I can pay with Paypal, but are you okay with international shipping?

They came flying from far away, now I'm under their spell....