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Huntsman (Science and Nature - Animals of Australia)

Started by brontodocus, February 10, 2013, 06:29:12 PM

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Walk-around of the Science and Nature Animals of Australia (Small Replicas) Huntsman, properly a Giant Sydney Huntsman Spider, Holconia (formerly Isopeda) immanis (L. Koch, 1867). Body length (excluding chelicerae) is 39 mm, scale is about life size, approx. 1:0.8 - 1:1.2 for a female. The colouration is very good and allows for the identification to species level. The ventral side shows an epigyne and air sac openings, something rarely ever captured in a spider figure. However the figure has only six eyes instead of eight which is a bit sad since the arrangements of eyes is very distinctive (and easy to make, two transversal rows of four, that's all) in Sparassidae.
Here's a link to the figure at Science and Nature's website:

Edit 2017-02-07: Fixed broken image urls.


Is the first time that I see this specie of spider. thanks for sharing friend again  ^-^.
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Wow, impressive figure! I don't collect spider figures but this one has something what makes it looking almost alive, it's wonderful.  8)