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Animal game

Started by AnimalToyForum, January 16, 2013, 07:35:59 PM

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Can you outwit a computer? It guessed Jerboa, but I stumped it with Surinam toad. It guessed toad, but I wouldn't have it  >:D


Very cool and educational Adam  ^-^.
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Oh, I've just tried it. :) Doesn't know the Giant Isopod Bathynomus giganteus, though... ::) ;D


I thought in a Great white shark and it was true  ^-^.
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My website's facebook: Paleo-Creatures


Tried it with Brown Hyena, but it didn't know it. Did guess Striped Hyena though.


Quote from: brontodocus on January 16, 2013, 11:41:17 PM
Oh, I've just tried it. :) Doesn't know the Giant Isopod Bathynomus giganteus, though... ::) ;D



I was thinking about Arctic loon but it guessed Albatross  :o hmm, this game has to be improved :)


The game probably wasn't counting on us lot turning up to outfox it  >:D


It was able to get angler fish, but not Perentie. :))  On the latter one, it asked if I was thinking of a type of Pokemon!? :P


It cannot guess Screaming Piha, but instead it said toucan.


I thought Great Dane.It gguessed New Foundland:/


 I stumped it with an Indigo Bunting and a corroboree frog.  :)
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First time playing this game and at the first chance I've stumped it. I've tought in a Wilson's bird of paradise (just because this is the last figure I've made) and it stumped telling me that it should be a long-tailed finch. Since unregistered users can't correct the game, I've let it here :P


This is basically Akinator but solely with animals (and I wouldn't be surprised if Akinator's database was more complete at this point).

Anyway, I stumped it using a goblin shark (it guessed blue shark) a southern ground hornbill (it guessed sage thrasher), and suprisingly an African lion (it guessed coyote despite me having stating it's from the African savanna).
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Played again and the game got it correctly this time, tough I was thinking in Northern elephant seal but the game don't have options for northern/southern, so it just said "elephant seal"

Surprisingly, it also got correctly the olm!!

Played some times more, it's a bit addictive, hehe. The most hilarious result is when I was thinking in something so easy as a hedgehog, and it told me that is... a zombie :P :P


I added Yi and Siamraptor


Come on, game! How you can guess that a nautilus is a penguin??? And that a smurf is a grizzly bear? :P


Haven't taught it, but it couldn't get Ice Fish


 That was a fun game it got it right 3 times, I'm impressed! Not sure if this is right thread for it but I found these AR models for Kids: that you can use on your phone and it's like they are in the room with you. The seal one is quite cool -