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Anyone know where I can buy a beyblade these days?

Started by James002Tm, August 14, 2018, 03:37:56 AM

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Any of you guys remember those small toys called beyblades? They we're so fun to play with when I was a kid, and I remember being obsessed with the cartoon show that featured those toys! I saw some local kids playing with one when I went on my meet Latin tours trip and now I'm on a nostalgia hunt for my childhood toys. Hopefully, I can get an original one and add it to my collection soon.


Well there are plenty on eBay. My little brother has a collection of twenty or something. Also some toy shops sell them especially in Europe.  :)
Don't I take long uploading photos!


Plus Amamzon occasionally. Depends upon what era Beyblade you are looking for, the original style or the newer, smaller ones.