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Microorganism Acrylic Mascot (Ikimon - Science Techni Colour)

Started by bmathison1972, May 30, 2018, 01:40:09 AM

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Review of the complete set of plankton in the 2018 collection Microorganism Acrylic Mascot by Ikimon - Science Techni Colour. Normally I would not collect flat, acrylic figurines like this but for plankton I can make an exception (also they can be displayed flat without losing too much).

There are eight figures, all representing plantonic organisms. They appear to be printed decals (or similar) embedded in clear acrylic. Some are unique to the toy/figure realm. Something a microbiologist like me just cannot turn down :).

On to the pics, in no particular order:

Group shot:

1. Pedastrium species, a green alga that lives in small colonies.

2. Volvox species. I was excited for this one! It shows a cluster of vegetative cells, each containing several daughter colonies!

3. Noctiluca scintillans. This one was also in the Epoch set.

4. Scenedesmus species. Another unique green alga!

5. Euglena species. This is not identified to the species level so not sure if it is E. gracilis or Leptocinclis acus (which is often marketed as a Euglena (it does look more like a true Euglena).

6. Paramecium bursaria. This was a nice choice! Other Paramecium figures have been attributed to P. caudatum.

7. Daphnia pulex. The lone arthropod in the set (sigh) and a staple in sets of plankton toys.

8. Closterium species. The one showed up in the Takara TOMY set as well.