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Selling Dinosaurs and Whales

Started by MajesticHumpback, May 21, 2018, 09:59:10 PM

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I've had all these stored away and i never display them so im selling them.

i bought all of these new, so all are in great condition as they have just been sitting in plastic storage bins.

The brachiosaurus has a few spots where it looks as if the paint came off a bit on the back left leg, im not sure if these were always there or if it somehow got them when it was stored away.


Brachiosaurus $28
Green Running T-Rex $20
Spinosaurus $20
Triceratops $12
Parasaurolophus $15
Dimetrodon $12
Carnotaurus $12
Nigersaurus $10


Kaiyodo Sofubi ToyBox Humpback Whale $25
Safari Humpback Whale XL $30
Mojo/Maia&Borges Gray Whale $20
Bowhead Whale $12
Beluga Whale $12

I ship from the US and i accept payment by PayPal

if you live outside of USA, expect to pay at least $20 for shipping.