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New member from Spain

Started by Isidro, May 13, 2018, 10:07:09 PM

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Hello, I'm Isidro! Since my most eager childhood I'm passionate about animals and plants, biodiversity at its most freak levels. However, during most of my life (and now I have 33), I paid little attention to animal toys. I enjoyed zoos, natural history museums, botanical gardens and trips to wild places, but I usually skipped the gift shops of these places.

However, slowly an affiction for animal figurines started. My first one (not counting unrealistic toys that I have as a child, such as a mini-hippo, mini bison and a velociraptor that was given with corn flakes), was a leopard shark of Safari LTD that I bought at Birch Aquarium, California, in my first (and at the moment only) trip to America, in 2016. I really bought it not much because I want a figurine, but because I was absolutely grateful by my aquarium visit and I wanted to give them a tip in form of buying a thing.

After that, I passed a long time with only this animal. But I have a friend that have a Schleich gemsbok, and I loved how accurate it was. After that, in last Christmas holidays when I was buying gifts for my family, I saw the Schleich offering and I bought a giant pangolin and the same gemsbok. I wanted also the bowmouth guitarfish that I've seen in an earlier visit, but somebody caught it already :( Once at home, I caught a cutter and sharpened the horns of the oryx, repainting them after, for make it more realistic.

These three animals were my collection. Then, that same friend show me a photo of more figurines that he had in other part of his house. It have normal stuff, a tyrannosaur, mouflon, horse, moose and.... a chiru! (Tibetan antelope). I die for obscure species and fell in love this figurine. I think that seeing this chiru was the thing that started my current hobby for figurines, hence is the reason for have been registered in this forum!

After that, I discovered casually that in the very small selection of the nearest kiosk to my parents house, there is a leopard seal!!!! Tough a bit large compared with the animals that I already have, I just needed this accurate model of a dreamed species. When buying it,  I realized that behind this figurine there is an African wild ass!!! So I bought both, and absolutely in love for the level of accurateness (the ass even have the veins in the face and belly!), I discovered that they're from CollectA, that leaded me to visit the CollectA website and find a looot of incredible fantastic dreamed obscure species, most very well made. And the chiru is from this brand too!

After that, I visited again the same shop where I bought the pangolin and gemsbok. Only Schleich here, so none of the dreamed species of CollectA can be found. I looked carefully for some animal to buy, but didn't found any obscure interesting species. Schleich level of accurateness is good, but the species are too much known. I doubted a bit with a sloth bear, but finally, as the claws were too short and thick, I've choosed a jaguar and a cheetah (that once in my home I customized painting a bit more accurately on cheetah's face, tail and the right side of the belly/flank where it lacked spots, and in the jaguar's face, breast, ears (from behind) and some spots of the back).

So that's my collection for now, just 7 animals from 3 brands, all very accurate (that's an absolute requisite for me) and in a more or less similar scale (I would said more or less 1:20 to 1:30). So now, I want to add more figurines, that must be very accurate, in similar scale, and better if from obscure species that I like. I suppose that an online buying in CollectA shop is the best chance for get more figurines of the desired species... Or there are cheaper ways?


Hi Isidro!

Welcome to the forum! We look forward to seeing what you collect!

Yes, if a certain brand is not available you would have to order online. I am sure you have a local branch of eBay that probably has a lot of what you might be looking for! Some of us rely very heavily on internet orders to fulfill our collections!


Beetle guy

Hi, welcome to the forum!!

This Ebay seller:  Has some collecta for a fair price and shipping. I bought a lot of stuff there in the past.

To beetle or not to beetle.


Wow, thanks a lot for that succulent eBay link! That's great! However, I think the prices are a bit inflated, not? Just today I discovered a new kiosk with CollectA figurines and I bough the killer whale... it costed me 7,60 € and in the eBay link it cost 11,28 €...


I looked carefully at each item for sale in the link. I will try to get any of the next:

-Saiga (8,8 cm)
-Himalayan tahr (8,8 cm)
-Pygmy sperm whale (selling as "sperm whale calf"), one of my most wanted (15 cm)
-Tibetan antelope or Chiru (8,6 cm)
-Ganges river dolphin (13 cm)
-Dugong (12 cm)
-Spotted seal (10,5 cm)
-Striped hyena (8 cm)
-Hirola (8,6 cm)
-Maned wolf (8 cm)
-Nilghai (10,8 cm)
-Baird's tapir (10 cm)
-Tiger shark (16,5 cm)
-Wombat (6 cm)

I also liked a lot the next figurines, but they looks like too big in proportion with the others. How I wish to have the same in a more reduced scale!
-Babirusa (10 cm)
-Bongo (12,2 cm)
-Caribou (12,5 cm) (certainly not an obscure species, but I love the degree of development of the stags!)
-Pygmy hippo (10,5 cm)
-Thylacine (11,6 cm)
-Markhor (9 cm)
-Narwhal (27 cm - without the tusk it would be about 20 cm... bigger than my new killer whale  :( )
-Secretarybird (11,4 cm, similar height, much taller than my wild ass...)
-Sawfish (16 cm)

And the next are the figurines that CollectA offers and I want but this seller doesn't have. However, I don't know the size. I guess many of them will be too big:
-Black antelope (sasin)
-Bowhead whale
-Pilot whale
-Double-wattled cassowary
-Diana monkey
-Black-backed jackal
-African civet
-Tasmanian devil
-Giant eland (they have the calf, but what I want is the adult)
-Mountain nyala
-Black wildebeest
-Ivory-billed woodpecker
-Yellow boxfish
-Red river hog
-Saola (my most wished maybe)
-Zebra shark
-Bowmouth guitarfish
-Fennec fox


Welcome Isidro! A pleasure to meet you. :)


Where I try to find the best version of every prehistoric species:

Beetle guy

Quote from: Isidro on May 14, 2018, 01:26:41 PM
I looked carefully at each item for sale in the link. I will try to get any of the next:

I ordered a lot of 4D-Master beetles by this seller, The seller gives discount on bigger orders I Believe.
To beetle or not to beetle.