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A wild cetacean nerd appeared!

Started by GrampusBlackfish, April 13, 2018, 05:34:39 AM

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I'll call myself GrampusBlackfish here, but you can call me just Grampus or GB for short. I've been collecting animal figures since I was very young. I'm especially interested in collecting cetaceans and pinnapeds in part because they are my favorite and in part because I work as a Naturalist on whale watching vessels in my local area. I'm a stickler for anatomically correct models that I can use for teaching purposes. My favorite species include the gray whale, minke whale, killer whale, Risso's dolphin, harbor porpoise, and northern elephant seal. I'm a big fan of the MBA series from Safari Ltd. I also have a few figures depicting other animals living in my area including fish, birds and land mammals. I hope to contribute to the forum with walk-arounds and discussions of my figures and ones I hope to acquire in the future.

Feel free to drop me a message anytime! I'm friendly (albeit a bit introverted so I may disappear from time to time without warning) and I love discussing animal figures, and of course, animals themselves. I have my favorites, but I'm open to discussing and learning about all critters large and small, extant and extinct.



Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay.  8)

I love big marine vertebrates too - but mostly of the Mesozoic reptilian kind. ;) Though whales are awesome, too, my personal favourite being the humpback.


Welcome to the forum Grampus! I'm glad to see another fan of modern marine life! My favorites being whales (Sperm Whale).
I too am pretty introverted (This reply being the first in a couple of months, for both the DTF and the ATF).