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Super Realistic Hornet Straps (BREAK Co., LTD)

Started by bmathison1972, March 26, 2018, 11:02:31 PM

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Review of the complete set of hornets by BREAK Co., LTD. Year of release unknown (possibly 2017 or 2018?). I was unfamiliar with this company, let along set, until Beetle Guy alerted me to it. The company also seems to make sets of scarbaeoid beetles and (I think) freshwater crabs and crayfish, but in the latter two they are different colors of the same species).

The set comes with four figures, each representing a different species; three of the species are 'unique'/new to toy form (as far as I know)! All four figures are roughly 40 mm in length and comparable to the Kaiyodo Choco Q Animatales and Capsule Q Insect Pest Hygiene set figures. They are not quite as realistic as the Kaiyodo figures, but pretty darn close! It looks like there are two sculpts with two paint jobs each.

They are all single-piece plastic. They have a strap which attached by means of a screw on the underside. The screws come out easily, leaving a tiny non-obtrusive hole on the underside.

With these there are now five species in the genus Vespa (Funrise Toys made the common hornet, V. crabro).

The set (with an example of an accompanying card):

1. Giant Asian hornet, Vespa mandarina.
This is the only figure that has been made previously (to my knowledge). The others I have are by Kaiyodo (two aforementioned sets), Yujin, Subarudo, and Rement. I also have a larva by Shineg.

2. black-tailed hornet, Vespa ducalis
Similar to above but the tip of the abdomen is black.

3. yellow-legged hornet, Vespa velutina.

4. Japanese yellow hornet, Vespa simillima.

Beetle guy

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