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Insect World (Battat Terra)

Started by bmathison1972, January 11, 2018, 12:43:46 AM

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Review of the set, Insect World by Battat Terra, new for 2017. So, I stumbled upon this set on while searching for something else. I did not have any interest in it, as I assumed it would contain the usual generic Toy Major-style figures (I was proven correct). However, at work we were given $10 gift cards for Amazon. So, I figured since I could get the set for half-off, might as well take a look to see what it's like.

Like all of the Terra 'bucket' sets, it consists of 60 figures, 5 each of 12 different sculpts. I knew this ahead of time and was not expecting 60 different figures (that would have been nice LOL). When I saw them, my hunch was confirmed, these are all the generic 'chinabug' style popularized by Toy Major and its knock-offs. They are made of a stronger, firmer plastic, and the paint seems darker, but the sculpts are essentially the same (the smaller of the two spiders does seem different however).

The undersides are not labeled with creature name, company name, nor any series numbers or letters, so if these got mixed up with other chinabugs, you might not remember what belongs to this set ;-)

Since there is nothing really exciting here, I took two pics of 6 each. I didn't feel it was worth the time to take individual pics for each item (I might down the road someday).

I'll probably throw in sets of 12 as extras during exchanges, etc...

1. the bucket:

2. cicada, bee, ant, fly, dragonfly, ladybug:

3: scorpion, spider (two styles), grasshopper, mantis, cricket:


What, no species-level assignments?  :))
Where I try to find the best version of every prehistoric species:


Quote from: Halichoeres on January 12, 2018, 04:05:14 AM
What, no species-level assignments?  :))

Here go the species assignments:
Flavocicada melanocephala
Erythrandrena coccineoptera
Xenomyrmex longicollis
Microphthalmotabanus atripennis
Micraeshna simplicinervia
Harmonia irregularipunctata
Tripedoscorpius microsoma
Eresus bioculus
Prasinacris robustipes
Clavicornimantis parallelithorax
Micropelma aeneocephala
Erythrophthalmogryllus gigantisegmentis

;D ;D