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Tropical Rain Forest: Rhinoceros Beetles (Colorata - Real Figure Box)

Started by bmathison1972, December 27, 2017, 07:41:45 PM

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I recently realized Colorata's older beetle sets have not been reviewed. And I am off a couple days and have time to spare. So, here is Tropical Rain Forest: Rhinoceros Beetles from the Real Figure Box set (original date of release unknown). While this is one of the earliest sets I acquired after discovering the Japanese manufacturers, I have to admit neither this set (nor the stag beetles, to be reviewed shortly) really 'grabbed' me. They are nice figures, but for some reason these earlier Colorata sets never excited me like others.

There are six figures in this set, and there is nothing you have not seen a dozen times already by either myself or Beetle Guy. Pretty standard fare for scaraebaeoid sets. Like older Colorata sets, the figures are made of a softer plastic. They are slightly larger than their contemporary gashapon figures by Kaiyodo and Furuta. There is minimal assembly (legs need to be attached). All figures come with a log of sorts, and there is a peg to securely (but not permanently) attach the figure to the log. Since these are among some of my earlier figures, they were displayed unprotected, hence you might see dust on some of them. Also like most Colorata sets, their is a neat booklet with lots of information on the species (in Japanese and English!)

This will be an abbreviated review, I am going to forgo my usual listing of other versions of these species, since they have all been done on numerous occasions.

On to the pics, in the order they are listed in the accompanying booklet.

1. Dynastes hercules.

2. Dynastes neptunus.

3. Megasoma elephas.

4. Chalcosoma caucasus.

5. Eupatorus gracilicornis.

6. Allomyrina dichotoma.