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Insects of Japan Vol. 4 (Yujin)

Started by bmathison1972, October 01, 2017, 10:12:17 PM

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Bad weather days means lots of time for figure photos, so...

Review of the the fourth and final volume in Yujin's Insects of Japan. As previously mentioned, there was a publicity photo for a potential fifth set, but to my knowledge it never materialized (it may have been sidetracked during the Yujin-Takara transition). As the name suggests, all species are Japanese/Asian.

The sets vary in the number of figures in each set, and each set seems to have a taxonomic focus to some degree. Each set also has one 'secret' figure. Volume 4, reviewed here, has only seven figures (six and one secret). Only one of the species in this set are unique and the taxonomic focus seems to be Lepidoptera.

All of the figures in each series appear to be molded after actual specimens. As such, all figures are 1:1 in size (also explains the exquisite detail in each of these, including the incredibly accurate wing venation on the lepidopterans and cicada here!!!). All figures require some degree of assembly, and given they are molded after actual specimens, it means legs and antennae can be very thin and delicate. Care must be taken with assembly; it also helps to secure some with glue. Several figures also come on habitat-style bases, which if you follow my posts, know I am a high fan of.

On to the figures, in order of the entire series.

32. SECRET: paper kite, Idea leucone, pupa.
This is the pupa of number 33, below. Just in 2015, Kaiyodo made a really nice larva, and the three figures together make a nice life cycle set!

Together with the adult and Kaiyodo larva:

33. The paper kite, Idea leucone.
This is the largest figure in the entire series, based on overall surface area of the wings. While not clear in this image, it is up on a clear rod as if in flight. The secret figure in this set (above) is this species' pupa! Adults were also made twice by Safari LTD and K&M International and I also have a small, porcelain figurine as a French feve.

34. Cicada, Cryptotympana facialis.
This species was also made by Rement. This figure highlights the fragility of figures in this series; the right foreleg on mine broke off (not visible from this angle).

35. Giant Japanese diving beetle, Cybister japonicus.
The only beetle in this volume is a familiar one, having been also made once by F-toys and twice by Kaiyodo! This is a dynamic figure, posed as if swimming alongside a submerged piece of wood.

36. Red helen, Papilio helenus.
This is the unique species in the volume. It appears to be the same sculpt as the P. bianor from Volume 3.

37. Hairstreak butterfly, Neozephyrus japonicus.
This figure is also delicate (this is actually my second one after my first fell apart). This was a unique species until Koro Koro released one in their recent magnet set.

38. The common bluebottle, Graphium sarpedon.
This figure appears to be the same sculpt as G. doson from Volume 3. This species was also made by Cadbury for the Australian line of Yowies.