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Favorite Co New for 2017

Started by Halichoeres, July 25, 2017, 05:13:43 AM

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Teaser photo on Facebook:

New additions to the Ancient Fish line. Looks to me like a Scleropages (their existing arowana is an Osteoglossum) and an Atractosteus.
Where I try to find the best version of every prehistoric species:


How did I miss this?

Also...squeeeee! ;D I am more surprised that they did the Osteoglossum first, and the Scleropages second (there are 3 figures of the former, and uncountable numbers of the latter).

A new gar is also welcome. Would have been nice to see one that wasn't an alligator gar, but maybe they'll add a genus later? Or maybe it will turn out to be a Tropical? Those are popular if expensive aquarium fish in Japan.


i hope they paint their Asian Arowana in normal wild type markings, not the captively cultivated deep red by ornamental fish farmers.


 :D Wonderful! It's great to see that they are continuing the line.