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Tomy Takara A.R.T.S beetles 2017 Dynastes hercules

Started by Beetle guy, June 02, 2017, 10:37:16 AM

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Beetle guy

So here is my repaint, (paint actually, because the model has no paint at all) of the Takara Dynastes hercules (subspecies ecuatorianus, I think).

The model is scale 1:1. It is a great model. The head fits far tighter in the thorax part which make it more realistic than the ones from last years. The thorax part and head are new, nicely detailed sculpting.
Legs, thorax and head are moveable.

The original, almost plain black model.

added a very thin metalic red sheen.

Then (using acryllic model paint) adding some details.

Leaving it to dry and harden before varnishing.

The result:

To beetle or not to beetle.


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Beetle guy

To beetle or not to beetle.