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Zoo Miami AKA Miami Metro Zoo

Started by MaastrichianGuy, March 17, 2017, 07:20:43 PM

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Hey All

Since Takama has done his topic about the Saint Louis Zoo im going my own topic of one of the Zoos that is visited in my Home City Miami its Zoo Miami or Miami of the biggest zoos in the whole entire world it houses over 3,000 animals

a few animal sculptures in the office

a mount of an Albino Tiger named Princess

a Sculpture of a California Condor made by Del Filardi

Some Animal Interactions like this Juvenile American Alligator

a Ball Python

an Albino Corn Snake

and a Screech Owl

the first animal in the zoo are some American Flamingos

the Conservation Exhibit


Australian Exhibits

the Wings Down Under Exhibit where you can feed Eastern Rosellas,Cockatiels and Budgerigars

Visayan Warty Pig

New Guinea Singing Dog


Matschie's Tree Kangaroo


Aldabra and Galapagos Tortoises


Asia Exhibits


African Lion

African Wild Dog

Arabian Oryx

Asian Elephant and Indian Rhinoceros

Bactrian Camel



Black Necked Stork

Cuban Crocodile

Addra Gazelle

Dromedary Camel


Golden Pheasant and Prevost's Squirrel

Lappet Faced Vulture

Malayan Tapir


Sable Antelope

Sloth Bear

Somali Wild Ass

Southern Cassowary

Sumatran Orangutan and White Cheeked Gibbon


Komodo Dragon

Siamang and Lar Gibbon

Tiger Temple