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Jumbo Insects (Learning Resources)

Started by bmathison1972, March 03, 2017, 01:25:45 AM

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Review of the complete set of Jumbo Insects by Learning Resources. Taking the forum back to its roots to examine a set of actual TOYS! Yes, the figures in this set are specifically designed to be educational toys for children.

There are seven figures, all large (size comparable to K&M Polyvinyl Bag or Safari LTD Hidden Kingdom figures), solid-piece PVC figures. While they are all fairly generic, the sculpts are not duplicates of anything else I have seen or have. The figures come in a sturdy cardboard carrying case and are accompanied by a pamphlet with 'fun facts' for kids to learn more about the largest group of animals on the planet!

The figures represent a butterfly (presumably a monarch), lady beetle, bee, fly, ant, dragonfly, and grasshopper (I am particularly fond of the ant and grasshopper).

Normally, when I review a set, I recommend it for the superior quality or interesting species choices. This time I cannot give such recommendations. The only people that might be interested in this set are 1) those with children interested in the natural world or 2) entomologists that like to have representatives of as many different companies' versions of different species as possible. Can you guess which I am? Hint, I do not have kinds LOL.

Other animal sets in the Jumbo series include: Farm Animals, Ocean Animals, Pets, Jungle Animals, Zoo Animals, and Dinosaurs.

One to the pics!

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Thank you for sharing these pieces  ^-^.
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Thank you for posting these! They look great, I recently found some learning resources and AR animals/bugs for IPad or any IOS device so I thought I'd share that here, I hope this is the right place?

Honey Bee -
Cardinal Spider -
Wasp -
Praying Mantis -

I would recommend them as my kids love them, I think you have to sign up to download them but they are completely free so I thought why not give them a go!