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Maastrich's Visit to Rainforest Cafe

Started by MaastrichianGuy, February 24, 2017, 03:09:38 AM

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since Dinotoyforum has the museums theme parks and other places it only posts the places that are dinosaur and prehistoric animal related but since the Animal toy forum doesnt have the Zoos Wildlife Parks and other places added in i have to post it here like Takama Posted a topic about the Saint Louis Zoo this is the second time an Animal Related Place posted on Dinotoyforum and i might post it into the General in the Animal Toy Forum. it is Rainforest Cafe but not the one on anywhere else but my pics are from the one in Orlando Florida in Disney Springs or Downtown Disney not Disneys Animal Kingdom the animals in there are not live animals but all replica made and all Animatronics so heres the place

the Giant Mushroom and an Cartoony Elephant Head used as a Check in Podium

The Frog Menu Board


Rhinoceros Head mount

Gorilla Head mount

Hippopotamus Head Mount

Chimpanzee Head Mounts

Lorikeet Head Mount

Zebra Head Mounts

an Animatronic Crocodile where use the coins to throw into its mouth

some Animatronic Butterflies

Animatronic Elephants

Animatronic Lemurs

Animatronic Gorillas and Baby

Animatronic Python

Animatronic Pride of Jaguars

Tracey the Talking Tree


the Mushroom Bar

Atlas Holding the Globe showing the Americas with the quote saying Rescue the Rainforest

a Globe Showing the Americas

Some Macaws and Parrots


an Iguana



a Chimpanzee swinging through the vines


the Lava Lounge

a Rainbow

Bathroom Doors

Inside the Bathrooms


the Aquariums

Barred Spinefoot

Bignose Unicornfish

Blue Tang

Bluespine Unicornfish

Bluethroat Triggerfish

Convict Tang


Harlequin Tuskfish

Longspine Squirrelfish

Orange Band Surgeonfish

Pennant Coralfish


Purple Tang

Raccoon Butterflyfish

Sohal Surgeonfish

Threadfin Butterflyfish

Yellow Tang

Koran Angelfish or Semicircle Angelfish

Sailfin Tang

Sunset Wrasse

Naso Tang


the Gift Shop


here are is the Elephant with its Calf standing in front of the outside of the place by the sign

and that's my visit to the Rainforest Cafe in Disney Springs or Downtown Disney,what do you think of the place?share some pics from other Rainforest Cafe locations you visited


I actually bought A LOT of my insect figures (mostly the un-named brand stuff) at the gift shop at the Rainforest Cafe in Tempe, Arizona. Good sourcefor toy animals.


I think that I was in one of these cafes in London  ^-^.
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