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My Visit to Bass Pro Shops

Started by MaastrichianGuy, February 24, 2017, 02:55:59 AM

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ok so this will be my third time i posted a non dinosaur place but this time its Bass Pro Shops or Outdoor World this privately held retailer sells hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor recreation merchandise, known for stocking a wide selection of gear. it also supports and sells merchandise for the National Audubon Society.the ones that i have pics of are from the Miami location in Dolphin Mall in the Playa Area where used to live

the wall with some logos of Conservation Companies and a mount of an Atlantic Blue Marlin

a Lamp

a Ceiling Lamp with a Green Sea Turtle and a Manta Ray in it

a Model of a fished Great White Shark Shown in the Entrance

a Shortfin Mako Shark Mounted in the Entrance

the Everglades Display


Hunting and Camping Displays

Florida Bay Display

the Educational Aquarium

the sign where it shows the species of fish that are in the aquarium


the Fishing Center

the Florida Bay Mural painted by Daniel Lee Melendez

Displays at World Wide Sportsman Shop


outside to the entrance to the store there are paintings of Wild Florida a Map of my home state Florida and one of the stores Locations in it and one Painting made by Daniel Lee Melendez

Fish Mounts at the Clothing Display

a Bobcat Mounted at the Clothing Display

Raccoons at Clothing Displays

Seagulls at Clothing Displays

a Snowy Egret and a Great Blue Heron

a Red Drum

Queen Triggerfish

Skipjack Tuna

a Snapper

a Sandhill Crane

a Red Fox and a Black Bear


Displays at the Tracker Boats Area with Fames of Notable Fisherman

the Map Showing the areas of the Miami Location


Displays at the Ernesto Cafe,Portrait Fames of more Notable Fisherman and a Library with Books About Fishing

an Entrance to the Ernesto Cafe with its Doors Having Alligators as Door knobs

Atlantic Ocean Display


Florida Reef Display


the other pics of the Florida Reef Display


outside of the store they have benches based with Game Animals native to their states and provinces but the one im visiting are from Florida

inside the window is a Head Mount of a Pronghorn Antelope


All those wonderful fish mounts! 8) Since they look like fiberglass replicas I was wondering, are those by King Sailfish Mounts?


Quote from: brontodocus on February 25, 2017, 11:16:20 AM
All those wonderful fish mounts! 8) Since they look like fiberglass replicas I was wondering, are those by King Sailfish Mounts?
the fish mounts in the miami location you see here are made by New Wave Taxidermy


I feel like inside of an aquarium  ^-^.
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Paintings in the Bathrooms

a Floor Print featuring a Sea Turtle and Two Coelacanths

Footprints also featuring an American Alligator silhouette

and thats my visit to the Bass Pro Shops location in Dolphin Mall.share your pics from visits from other Bass Pro Shops Locations



so since there are no gar in the miami location i decided to go to the orlando location where i now live where they had the gar there and i also got some pics to show you on my visit

an Alligator statue

a wood carved Pelican and Florida Panther

a wood carved Wolf and another wood carved Pelican

the entrance to the store


the Mounted Bear at the Entrance Room,a Tarpon Mount,a Snook Mount and a Map of Florida Showcasing the Species of animals living there

Saltwater Gamefish Display

the Returns and Exchange Service

mounts of fish being hunged on the roof

another Saltwater Gamefish Display

Freshwater Fish Display

the Entrance to men and women Restrooms

Displays in the Fireplace

Turkeys,a Whitetail Deer and Salmon

a Taxidermied Rattlesnake

a couple of Tarpon,a Snook and Mounted Heads of Big Game and Deer

a Sailfish on the top Roof

a wall of Logos of Conservation Companies that bass pro salutes with

a Flathead Catfish and a Spotted Bass

the Ceiling lamp with Big Game


the Mens Restroom or Bucks

the Womens Restroom or Does



here it is the Aquarium in this location featuring Bass,Gar,Catfish and other types of Gamefish

a Water Tower,Black Bears,Cougar,Squirrel,Bobcat,Wolverine,Whitetail Deer,and Raccoons on Rocks on top the Aquarium

a Duck,Bass and Grizzly Bear Bench


a Ceiling Lamp with Feathers and Twigs

the Kids Section

an Information Area

the Shirt and Shoes Area