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Started by arafan, February 13, 2017, 01:24:32 AM

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Hello there! :)

I've should have done this earlier but completely forgott that I've never posted anything in this forum, shame on me.

So, I'm arafan aka Bryan, I think that some of you may know me from the STS forum. I started with collecting animal figurines back in 2012 when I saw for the first time the new figurines that Schleich wanted to release in 2013. So I started with Schleich, till 2014 I only collectet Schleich then I discovered that my local zoo shop sells Papo and I started to like their figures, I bought some of them and searched for more of them in the internet. I found out that there are even more brands that produce animal figurines, I started to like them and of course I bought some of them. CollectA got my favourite brand, so biggest part of my collection are CollectA figurines.
I found the ATF when I was searching for pictures of figurinies that didn't look bad but I still was unsure if I really want them. I'm very thankful for that. :)


Welcome to the forum arafan!  ;)  :))


Welcome! We need more folks on here.
I like turtles.


Hey Bryan, welcome to the Animal Toy Forum! :)


Thank you for the warm welcome! :)



Beetle guy

To beetle or not to beetle.