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Searching desperately for life-size KING CRAB replicas. Thanks ahead :)

Started by Lunaboots, January 08, 2017, 03:42:22 AM

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If anyone has any source how to find replica king crabs in high quantities that would be amazing. Please email me at [email protected]
Even if its just small quantities, I need them desperately for a film shoot. Sorry to invade this forum, in case this upsets anyone, just felt that perhaps you guys were knowledgeable and worth asking.

I live in Los Angeles, CA USA but can order international.


I don't know if you have access to 3D printers (and if not you could try 3D hubs, it's the 3D printing equivalent of Uber), but I have this model I've been meaning to print in 1:1 for quite some time now.

I don't know if you will need to make an account before downloading, but hopefully this will let you print as many as you need.


I have a life-sized figure that shows up on YAJ from time to time (I think it's by Nihon Auto Toy) but it is probably not realistic enough for film quality


I would also suggest grocery store suppliers, restaurant decor suppliers, that sort of thing--they often have replica seafood models. I don't know of a particular source though.


Hi Lunaboots and welcome to the Animal Toy Forum! :) Hmm, sorry, I think I can't help either. Sbell's suggestion may be your best chance to get one. While I've seen mostly lobsters, rock lobsters, or crabs, I assume replicas of king crabs exist. Good luck hunting! :)