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White Rooster (Mojö Fun - Farm World)

Started by Takama, January 03, 2013, 11:48:16 PM

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My owner loves chicken, but he wont let me have any because the bones would choke me :'(. Can you beaileave he had the nerve to ask me to post this walkaround of his chicken figure? >:(


I remember the firts figures of schleich and someone currently figues when I see this figures  ^-^.
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Hi Rex, the pictures aren't displayed anymore. :-\ when I edited the topic I first thought that I accidently deleted them (no, I didn't) but I can see that the links are still in the message's source code. I assume they are linked from facebook (the url codes look like that)? It may be that facebook renamed the image url (they do that sometimes). Would it be possible to check if the pictures have a new url and edit the first post so we get to see the images again? :)


Ok, sorry about not noticeing the photo issue until now.  fixed it.


Very nice rooster :D  Good addition to any miniature farm :D


I'm not a fan of this figure. It just looks odd with the yellow and black specs on its feathers.
Don't I take long uploading photos!