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Tarantulas and Spiders (Play Visions: Habitat Earth)

Started by bmathison1972, November 04, 2016, 02:18:15 AM

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Review of the complete set of Tarantulas and Spiders by Play Visions - Habitat Earth (1995). Play Visions figures from the late 1990s are rare and much sought after (I still lack MANY of their arthropods), and again Sebastian from STS forum came through for me (not sure if he is on this forum or not).

There are six figures, similar in size to tube/TOOB figures (as well as the K&M spiders I just reviewed). Most of these are not unique, namely because many were remade by Club Earth (Spiders to Go) and another (currently unknown to me) manufacturer that put out a bunch of species based on Play Visions and Club Earth (they are very similar to the latter, but less glossy and marked with letters rather than numbers). Between K&M, Play Visions, Club Earth, and this unknown brand, I think I have at least one of all species made.

They are marked with common names, the Latin names are of my assigning.

On to the figures:

1. Indian ornamental tarantula, Poecilotheria regalis. This one does appear to remain a unique species (and possibly the only figure of a theraphosid from the Indian subcontinent?). I believe this particular coloring (with yellow on the four frontmost legs) means it's a male.

2. Costa Rican zebra tarantula, Aphonopelma seemanni. This figure is not unique thanks to the above-mentioned spin-offs.

3. Mexican red-kneed tarantula, Brachypelma smithi. This species has been made several times, including Blip Toys (Nature's Wonders), CollectA, Kaiyodo (Toxic and Dangerous Animals), Safari LTD (Smithsonian Insects, Hidden Kingdom Insects, Authentics Insects), Think Toys (Safari Adventure), Toy Major, and numerous unknown manufacturers (and these are just the ones I have).

4. black widow, Latrodectus mactans. This is also not a unique figure, having been made by Safari LTD (Smithsonian and Hidden Kingdom Insects), Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. (Venomous Spiders), K&M International (Spider Bulk Sets), Club Earth (Spiders to Go), and Discovery Channel (Deadly Kiss: Poisonous Animals), and I am sure many others (not to mention four other species in the genus I have!).

5. green lynx spider, Peucetia viridans. Also made by the two aforementioned spin-offs. Still, I am happy to have a few figures of this cool species :)

6. black-and-yellow argiope, Argiope aurantia. Orb-weavers were a common theme of the K&M set, but only this one here, and possibly a unique figures (although I have a large one from Sun Wai that might be attributable to this species. I think K&M also put an orb-weaver in some variations of the Garden Tube, but not sure if it this sculpt or not. But, I now have 5 species of orb-weavers!