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Removing super glue?

Started by Cosmosaur, August 30, 2016, 11:01:19 PM

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So I obtained a bear figure which has movement in its head - but the person i got it from decided to superglue it into one position for some reason.
My question is what is the best way to removed the glue from the figure without damaging the paint job?


Hi Cosmosaur and welcome t the Animal Toy Forum! :) I'd be cautious with removing superglue from figures - there are removers for super glue that contain acetone or other solvents which would very likely damage the figure. I've found this recipe: but I have never tested it so please use at your own risk. If the pose of the figure isn't too bad maybe leaving it like it is could be an option?


Thank you for the reply. I will have to do a bit more research.
If it could damage the figure, aybe I will just leave the head - but I would like full articulation - but if its just the paint job it would damage it doesnt matter as I intened on repainting it.


It's unlikely to damage the plastic itself, but just to be sure I'd dab a bit on a subtle area of the figure to make sure the plastic isn't going to react first.


I actually managed to remove it buy submerging the figure in hot water, and trying to move the head - it came free in a few secconds. Thank you for the help though.


Glad to read you managed to remove the superglue so easily. :)