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AcroSauroTaurus's Dioramas

Started by AcroSauroTaurus, August 12, 2016, 09:42:59 PM

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Here are some photos of my figures.

"Mountain life" (Schleich Ibex)

"Fresh Kill" (Papo Komodo Dragon, Schleich Bison calf)

"The Family" (Schleich Ostriches)

"The Anteater" (Schleich Giant Anteater)

"Savannah Hunt" (All are Schleich: Meerkat family, male Warthog, young male African Lion, African Lioness, African Lion cub, Plains Zebra mare and foal, Thompson's Gazelle and young.

"Out of the Burrow" (Schleich male Warthog)

"Terror of the Icy Night" (Safari Ltd. Ice Dragon)
I am the Dinosaur King!


"The Near Future..." (Schleich Polar Bear)
The idea behind this diorama is the sad but true fact that the ice in the arctic is melting faster than normal due to our effect on global warming. And because of it, the Polar Bears are going extinct... the single figure in the photo represents the eventual last Polar Bear on Earth.

"Snowy Perch" (Safari Ltd. Snowy Owl)

"Mythic Confrontation" (Safari Ltd. Ice Dragon and Water Dragon)
After the Water Dragons lake had frozen over, it is forced to find food elsewhere. However, that means confrontations with the Ice Dragons will be fairly common.

And various effects...
No flash

Slight enhancement

Night vision


I am the Dinosaur King!


Hey these are some pretty good pictures!


Great work! Is amazing when you have a good mix of environments to work with for photos.


Quote from: sirenia on May 15, 2020, 11:16:06 PM
Great work! Is amazing when you have a good mix of environments to work with for photos.

Well, when you live in the Midwest U.S., you get pretty much every climate you can think of...
I am the Dinosaur King!