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Lost 4dMaster models

Started by Elephas Maximus, August 01, 2016, 10:09:33 PM

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Elephas Maximus

Several years ago, I've seen 2 quite unique models at 4dMaster/Famemaster site.
They belonged in 4d Vision Animal Anatomy/Full skeleton series, representing African elephant and Blue whale.
Unfortunately I didn't save the pics, and those 2 models are now removed from product range.
I have no idea whether they were retired (strangely, considering how popular those species are) or just prototypes (both had single photo unlike other models where we can see parts layout and box).
So does anyone remember them or, even better, has the pics? Tried to contact the company to no avail.

Btw, the main site is missing several anatomy models which are available at other retailers (e.g. Tedco): brown bear, polar bear (lame repaint of same model), white tiger (also repaint), and gorilla.