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New ideas for Mojo Fun models

Started by TheAnimalStudyGuy, June 01, 2016, 02:21:52 AM

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Hello everyone! I am the Animal Study Guy. I'm a fan of animals, and also I collect animal figures. But I recently seeing that
some of the known animal toy brands, like Schleich or CollectA, are repeating models. For example, let's suppose that Mojo Fun released an American bison heifer, but later, they release a better model of the same animal. I don't really like this, because the original models can be re-released. I'm trying to say that there is no reason for repeating a model because there is a better model simply because there are new and better versions. Here I listed some animals that could be great as toy animal figures (They should be from Mojo Fun, CollectA or Bullyland):

Animals and dinosaurs:
Rusingoryx (prehistoric wildebeest)
Banteng or Bali cattle female and calf
Puerto Rican crested toad
Golden Wildebeest heifer
Beltex sheep
African toad (Bufo regularis)
Mountain anoa
Red forest buffalo
Bulldog bear (prehistoric Arctodus pristinus)
Auroch Bull
Bubal Hartebeest
Military or Green macaw


Given recent distribution issues, right now it's important that Mojo just get it's worldwide sales together. There are several large European chains that have stopped carrying them, and there isn't a current North American distributor that I am aware of (although, that is supposed to be changing soon).

More to the point--this thread really does not belong in the 'reviews and walkarounds' subheading.


Well, then how about Schleich or CollectA???