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Sbell needs to make room...a HUGE lot of animals.

Started by sbell, March 19, 2016, 06:27:20 PM

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So I am finally getting around to this...I have far more than I can display--and the pictures of the following have been in storage for 5 years now! It is an assortment of Schleich (much of it late 90s-early 00s), some Bullyland, a few Chap Mei, some S&N Australian, AAA, and unknown!? Most have never been played with, just displayed or stored (some figures, like the older Bullylands, are still paint worn despite that--Bullyland paint just never took well).

I know that, with time, I could find someone for everything...but when I say a lot, I mean dozens of figures, over a hundred for sure. And I just can't take the time--they've been sitting for too long as it is.

So what is there? Pictures are easier. I will try and produce a list later...but it will be looooong. :shock:

Picures (I really hope these work):

Whole group:

Close ups:

So, to find a good home for this lot. I know it is heavy--about 25-30lbs (~12-14kg) so that will factor in...

I would like $200CDN PLUS shipping. I can send anywhere.

If anyone wants clarification or closer pictures of anything, please feel free to PM me. I am not eager to start pulling the lot apart, but I won't stop anyone from asking.

I could also say I'm open for trades...but I don't have much of a list...again, go ahead and ask if you want! ;)

And find new homes for these...they're kind of wasted in a plastic bin...