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Aggressive corn snake.

Started by Owen Leo, March 12, 2016, 07:32:24 AM

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Owen Leo

Hey everyone,
My corn snake has always been very calm and has never had once ounce of aggression in her, she's 10 months and we've had her pretty much from birth however when I went to get her out of her cage she leapt at me biting me and landing on the floor. I put her straight back in her cage. My girlfriend then tried another 2 times several days later to hold her and both times she went for her. There have been no changes, she is well fed and gel regularly. Any suggestions on why she's doing it and how we can help?


I've only rarely handled snakes but as a rule of thumb a lot of snakes are aggressive when you enter their tank, after being removed from their tank they normally calm down and let you handle them.