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Bugs Museum (Bandai)

Started by bmathison1972, March 01, 2016, 01:09:28 AM

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Review of the Bugs Museum by Bandai (2000). This is a set of 6 insects that are displayed in little boxes, as if they were museum specimens. The insects, the base, and cover are all separate and removeable, so the insects can be displayed on or off the bases, with or without the plastic covers.

There are six species, one of which appears to be unique (i.e., this is the only representative in toy/model form). The figures are small, the bases measure 35 x 45 mm, so no figure is larger than that. Still they have pretty nice detail. Each has a small sticker with the Japanese name, gender, and (for the beetles), size range. The stickers do not hold well and best reinforced with glue.

This is a cool little set! On to the figures:

The complete set, with covers:

without covers:

On to the figures (on bases, without covers):

001. Allomyrina dichotoma

002. Lucanus maculifemoratus

003. Dorcus hopei

004. Sasakia charonda

005. Papilio maackii [this is, I believe a 'unique' figure]

006. Papilio xuthus


Very nice! :) It's funny that they are so tiny.


I have re-imaged these figures for Postimage.


Quite an interesting take on these models, the museum aesthetic working quite well.