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Bird Call ID

Started by stargatedalek, February 29, 2016, 01:06:51 AM

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An unconventional ID request to say the least. I have this par of bird calls, one is a duck call by Lohman (the enclosed advertising papers date it at 1957) and the other a crow call I don't really know much about besides it sounds like a crow.

The Lohman duck call seems relatively complete but the package is very damaged and the instructions are bent slightly, both papers seem faded but that might be the kind of paper. I'm curious if anyone can tell me a bit about the history of the company or of potential value, not that I'm planning on selling either of them at the moment.

The crow call is labelled:
SINCE 1893
but honestly is not that convincing as a call (at least not compared to the duck call). I've never really gotten any use out of it because I can do a better call with my throat and the call is used breathing in so it doesn't save me any breathe to use it.