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avatar_Beetle guy

Beetles in colour (Yujin)

Started by Beetle guy, February 21, 2016, 11:06:12 PM

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Beetle guy

I purchased this really special box. It is one of the gems in my collection. I watched it for years but it is rarely listed in Yahoo Auctions. When it is listed it is usually expensive.

This is a set with six beetles made by Yujin.  Five did appear in the 'Insect book' series I, II and III from Yujin. One beetle, the Dorcus hopei binodulosus, was specially made for this set. This box was given to the shareholders of Yujin as a present and was not ment for sale! That explains why it is a rarely listed in auctions.

The luxurious box includes: Allomyrina dichotoma, Dorcus hopei binodulosus (a special figurine for this box so super rare!), Prosopocoilus inclinatus, Lucanus maculifemoratus, Neolucanus okinawanus and Serognathus platymelus.

The box:

Inside the box:

The beetles:

Allomyrina dichotoma

Next to the mass produced one (left) with dark red eyes and slightly different paint. The one in the box looks like the revised version of the mass produced one. Note the much more slender legs!!

Next to the Kitan club 'Nature of Japan series 02' one (left), also a really great figurine! Wish Ikimon Nature Technicolour (formerly Kitan Club Nature Techni colour) would make more beetles :)

Prosopocoilus inclinatus

Compared to the revised one (left) which has more bright redish highlights and a very glossy finish. I think the initial mass produced one and the 'Beetles in colour' one are more realistic.

Lucanus maculifemoratus

The revised version of the mass produced one (left) and the initially mass produced one (right). The revised one has actually less realistic colour and a bit to glossy finish than both others.

Neolucanus okinawanus

More colour nuances on the underside than in the mass produced one (Left).

But less colour nuance on the elytra, which is a good thing, as it makes the beetle even more realistic I think. So they did a nice job on this one!

Serognathus platymelus

Compared to the mass produced one (left). The colours and finish are just a bit more realistic ;-)

Dorcus hopei binodulosus
Last but not least... A really great figurine specially made for this box,full of detail and perfect colour! What a treat! ^-^
Serognathus platymelus on the background.

Slightly bigger than the Kitan club 'Nature of Japan series 03' one (right), also a great figurine!

To beetle or not to beetle.


nice set; these same species are becoming overwhelming among the gashapon manufacturers, and I am becoming more selective (I have 26 versions of Allomyrhina dichotoma alone!). Still I probably wouldn't have passed on this set either haha.


Nice! :) I've seen them on YAJ years ago but never bought them - I already thought with the exception of the D. hopei binodulosus these would be the same models as those from the Yujin Insects of Japan series. But I didn't know they were of better product quality.


Yujin has made awesome replicas  ^-^.
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This set is currently available on YAJ for a BIN price of 110.00 USD. Tempted but that's a little too much money to drop since all but one figure are re-releasesv(if not the same sculpt, close enough for me not to justify the cost right now...).

neat though! :)

Beetle guy

Hi Blaine,
the molds are more or less the same. The legs look thinner and more delicate in most models. Same mold Like the revised version. The paint job they did is really good. It is a really nice box. One of my "holy grails" ;-) The Dorcus hopei was a must have for me since I'm a fan of Yujin beetle models.
Got it for about 60 Euro's on Yahoo Auction. Mostly they are listed more expensive.
To beetle or not to beetle.

Beetle guy

Please look above for a revised post on the 'BEETLES IN COLOUR' from Yujin. I also updated the text. Well over 3.000 pageviews so worth the effort!

The Photobucket fail...let's write about that no more  :-X
So I am glad that it is restored!
To beetle or not to beetle.