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Seeking a mass produced bunny

Started by LegionCreativeStudios, February 11, 2016, 05:16:44 AM

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Hey guys. I'm a production designer for a little film company and we're looking for a large quantity of these little mass produced yellow bunnies. They're about 3.5-4 inches long and pretty cheaply made. I have an original that's fairly old but I recently found another inside of an Easter party game called "Bunny Toss and Catch". The bunnies are exclusive to the game, however, because the one from that game has different fill than the original, though they look the same. 

Basically; I need about 50-60 of these bunnies and, yes, this is incredibly important to my job. I've had very little success in finding them however. Anyone who could give me a lead on where I could find even one of these guys would have my eternal gratitude, and credit in everything I ever work on. <- reference pictures of the bunny I'm looking for


Hmmm, most of our members focus on plastic figurines and resin models so plush toys are quite underrepresented here. I don't know if it's of any help for you but a quick search revealed that apparently Woolworth is selling these things. The photo in this link shows a blue bunny but who knows if they come in multiple differentcolours or not. I'd recommend contacting Woolworth or the manufacturer if there is a manufacturer's address on your blister card. Good luck! :)


We saw them, but they don't seem to actually have that product in stock, and alas, our desperate e-mails have gone unnoticed. We appreciate the help though!