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CollectA - New for 2016

Started by postsaurischian, December 14, 2015, 09:50:22 PM

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  :D :)) :D  Finally!!!

  CollectA 88763 - Shoebill (Abu Markub)



....... also:

  CollectA 88753 - Thorny Dragon

  CollectA 88756 - Wombat

  CollectA 88757 - Hirola

  CollectA 88758 - Himalayan Tahr

  CollectA 88761 - Blainville's Beaked Whale

  CollectA 88762 - Turkey

  CollectA 88764 - Nilgai

  CollectA 88765 - Wandering albatross

  CollectA 88766 - Dugong

  CollectA 88767 - Thylacine

  CollectA 88768 - Giant Eland, calf

  CollectA 88773 - Gr√©vy's Zebra


As always, CollectA is leading the way (outside of Japan) in quality and species selection. Nothing for me this year, alas, but a neat assortment nonetheless!!!

But that turkey looks pretty domesticated to me...


Quote from: bmathison1972 on December 15, 2015, 03:13:06 PM
But that turkey looks pretty domesticated to me...

You might be right. I've changed that.


It's definitely a wild turkey, don't let the bright display fool you that doesn't mean it's domestic:


Blainville's Beaked Whale! :o Dugong! :o Wow, all those wonderful newcomers CollectA will be releasing next year! :o 8) The shoebill is wonderful! But I also like the fact that the wombat and thylacine have babies in their pouch - which shows that in these animals the pouch opens (or opened) towards the rear end. 2016 will be another expensive year, I suppose... ::) ;D


Once again, AMAZING new lineup for 2016! Wow, love the new ungulates, about time someone did a Nilgai and Hirola! Now, CollectA, can we have a Bongo and Saiga antelope for 2017, pretty please? :)
Can't wait for these figures, that thylacine is awesome!


Lovely additions.
Never before heard of Nilgai.


Thylacine is a good point for Collecta this year
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A dugong and a beaked whale!!! I'm so excited! It will be nice to add such under-represented toys to my collection...


Beaked Whale is a must have for me! I wish they had chosen to do a Strap-tooth, but a Blainville's has never been made before!
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When 2016 rolled around and my shopping website had them in stock I went on to it and bought 11 figures, GOD it was a great year from CollectA in 2016!!!  ^-^
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